About Business Registry

Dear entrepreneurs!

Business registry designed specially and only for you!

We set a goal to create a portal that will make doing business in Kazakhstan easier and more efficient due to the completeness and accuracy of information about the business and the implementation of all modern communications capabilities.

Every entrepreneur registering immediately gets into the business community of Kazakhstan! With a unified portal to promote products becomes much simpler and cheaper!

Here you can find not only your products’ customers and suppliers, but also to appeal to all entrepreneurs with their cooperation proposals

We made the first launched platform and still have much to improve, to do better, simpler, clearer and easier for everyone to get benefits from a good cooperation for all the entrepreneurs of our country.

We have a lot of plans, which we will soon implement - it is mobile version of Business Registry with profiles, and a social network of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs and more.

Business Registry belongs to entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. Therefore, it will be changing with your needs and requests. Send us your comments and suggestions and we will realize them. Contradictory orders will be evaluated by a vote!

We hope that together we will create the most convenient and useful portal!

With best regards

Talgat Ashim Serikuly

"Center of market monitoring and expertise"